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Players' Lounge — Brad “HUSKERBRAD” S.

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Published: December 2, 2021
Written by Global Poker

1. Where Do You Live?

Ord, Nebraska.

2. Who’s Your Sports Team?

Nebraska Cornhuskers.

3. How Long Have You Been Playing Poker and What’s Your Earliest or Fondest Poker Memory?

Since 2003. All the home games we had in high school.

4. How Long Have You Been Playing on Global Poker?

Since early 2018.

5. How Did You Hear About Global Poker?

From an ad on the internet.

6. What’s Your Biggest Win, Either on Global Poker, or In Live Play?

SC 2,250 in the Sunday Scrimmage.


7. Tell Us About Your Worst Poker Moment.

Any and all the times I punt.

8. What’s Your Worst Bad Beat Story?

Flopping quads and losing to a backdoor Royal Flush.

9. When You’re Not Playing Poker, What’s Your Passion?

Playing sports and attending sporting events.


10. If You Could Rename A GP Tournament, Which Tournament Would It Be, What Would You Call It And Why?

The FiveHundo. I’d call it the FiveHusker, because of the amount of success I've had in it

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