What to Wear On and Off the Poker Table

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Published: September 3, 2021
Written by Global Poker

Someone (who shall remain anonymous for their own reputation) asked what they should wear to up their fashion game. That brought about a lot of conversation on many different aspects of fashion and occasion. Here we share what we came up with.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." — Yves Saint Laurent

Do you want to be fashionable? Nah, you don’t. You want to be stylish, because being stylish never goes out of fashion. That’s worth remembering. Before you go turning your jeans inside out (remember when that was a thing?), doing up the top button on a polo shirt, or wearing driving slippers when you’re not driving, consider our handy guide to what you can wear and look good.

We’re not catering for everyone here, we know that. Unlike some of our tournaments, we’re not going super deep. If your threads are fairtrade, organic, free-range, carbon-neutral, cage-free, responsibly sourced, grass-fed, hormone-free, biodiverse, activated, protein-boosted, and low-carb, you’re probably good to go. You’re probably already dressing like a cobbler from the 1930s. And more power to your beard. If you live in the Yukon, you’ve already got your wardrobe sorted—warm. We’ve avoided sport coats and more formal attire, because no one wants to dress like a dad at a divorce hearing.

This is a light dip into the world of style, the GP way. Our quick, handy guide shows you what you can wear that’ll see you through many situations. And it’ll definitely see you right when you find yourself with the nuts, or going for a royal flush.

We’re working our way from head to toe, keeping it simple, going with the natural flow of gravity.


If you’re bald, the world is your oyster. Many people complain about balding, but it makes life a lot easier when you don’t need to worry about whether your hair looks good or not. So if you’re bald, or shave your dome, go for whatever you like—except a wig. If you’re wearing a toupee and it’s not for a joke, bachelor party or a film, you’ve most likely got something going on, and you might wanna talk to someone; this guide isn’t for you. However, if you’re a beautiful bald man (through nature or choice), wear almost any kind of headwear and you’ll look a million bucks. Mind you, if you’re in the city and you’re wearing athletic clothing, a stetson is probably going to look out of place (relax, Houston, Texas, you’re off the hook). But if your choice of headwear is in keeping with your look and your style, go wild and wear whatever you like.

You could go for a fedora or a trilby, if you’re dressed for it, or you can go for the humble snapback cap.

Snapback Cap

There’s nothing like a clean, ’90s-inspired snapback to make your look pop. With its flat, wide brim, and a more structured design than other caps, the snapback is versatile and can make a more formal outfit look fresh, or it will complete a more laid-back look.

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There are many items that could go in this section, but we’re keeping it neat and tidy.

White Oxford Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a white shirt. I’ll never not work, because you tuck it in and put on a tie for the court case, or leave it untucked or even unbuttoned for more casual occasions (although if you’re unbuttoning completely, make sure you’ve got a body like Gerard Butler in 300, or you’re wearing a T-shirt underneath. No one wants to see it, unless you’ve got the rig to back it up.


The T-shirt is a staple in every wardrobe and is essential for almost every aspect of every day—working out, lounging around, and looking cool. A plain, white T-shirt will pretty much never let you down (except if you’re making Bolognese sauce, but if you’re wearing a white T-shirt while making Bolognese sauce, you’re very confident in your sauce-making skills).

Crew neck or v-neck, the choice is yours. White is a must, but light- and dark-grey tees are versatile too. Available everywhere from Target to Louis Vuitton and every store in between.

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The hoodie. It’s hard to think of another piece of clothing that has come as far over the last 80-odd years. Yeah, that’s right, forget ‘gangstas’ in the 90s, the hoodie was created to help keep warehouse workers warm in the winter. Its popularity in the last 30 years has definitely shifted its image more than at any other time, and no longer is it the preserve of the angry and rebellious youth.

If you don’t own at least one hoodie by this point, you’re in the minority. But you’re in luck, you can still get in on the goodness. It’s a classic, from the original Champion reverse weave to Gucci (who’ll charge you a small fortune).

And you couldn’t go wrong with one of Global Poker’s exclusive hoodies. From the core range, or from one of the other events, our hoodies are made to last, and provide amazing comfort whenever you need it.

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The choice is endless, but you should have at least one pair of good quality jeans. This isn’t an endorsement, but it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Levi's. A true classic, there’s pretty much a Levi’s fit everyone—straight fit, slim fit, tapered fit—to name just three. Or go for something based on the Levi’s original, but made by one of the many different denim specialists making modern classics, right here in the US.


You should also have something that isn’t denim, like chinos. However, choose your chino color wisely, or risk looking like someone from Best Buy taking a break. There are many colors to choose from, but a deep navy chino will serve pretty much every occasion.


To cover every possible situation, four types of footwear will see you through—boot, black lace-up shoe, brown lace-up shoe and sneaker. You can get really detailed with this, like black or brown boots; athletic or casual sneakers; how formal should the black and brown lace-ups be? Depending on where you’re going, you’ll need to decide what’s best.

Wrapping It Up

And it should go without saying (but clearly hasn’t), you should keep your clothes clean. Depending on the denim, you might want to keep your jeans away from your washer, and store them in the freezer (yeah, really; look it up if you don’t believe us), but the rest of your gear should be laundered and free from stains, unless they’re ‘designer’ stains, in which case, go wild.

Let us know what your favorite clothes are, and why, and tell us what we’re missing off our list.

This is a reference article to clothes, style, and what to wear in general. It’s for entertainment and some information only. It is not related to, nor a reflection of, Global Poker, its views, products, content, or its games.