US Poker Open 2023 Highlights

US Poker open 2023 trophies

Published: April 4, 2024
Written by Global Poker

Getting geared up for this year’s US Poker Open? We’re not sure about you, but we can’t wait for this year’s event to kick off. So, to get your head in the game, let’s take a look back at some unforgettable moments from the 2023 US Poker Open in anticipation of this year’s action-packed event. 

Images courtesy of PokerGO

Hosted by streaming giant PokerGO, the US Poker Open, since its inception in 2018, has quickly evolved into a must-watch extravaganza for poker fans and players alike. Boasting an ever-changing roster of highly skilled players and millions in prize money up for grabs, each event promises first-class poker action that will be etched in memory. Any poker fan worth their weight will be there watching, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

Unless you’re planning a trip to Sin City to watch it all go down — if you are, we wholeheartedly salute you — the rest of us (sob) will have to make do with watching the final tables streamed live on PokerGO. But that’s A-ok with us. In fact, we’re even throwing an online version of the tournament series at the same time, so you can get in on the US Poker Open action online and for free! Head over to Global Poker for all the details.

But back to the main event. Scheduled for April 8 to April 17, the sixth annual US Poker Open will feature eight no-limit hold 'em tournaments throughout the run of the event. If you just can't wait for that first deal on April 8, then take a seat and let's dive back into the huge 2023 US Poker Open to get hyped up.

Highlights From Last Year's US Poker Open

MartinZamani US poker Open2Image courtesy of PokerGO

Setting the stage ablaze at the ultra-plush Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, home to the renowned PokerGO Studio, last year’s fifth edition ran from March 23 until April 5. With a line-up of ten electrifying tournaments of varying stakes, the anticipation soared sky-high for the main event, a 50,000 no-limit hold 'em showdown to determine the undisputed champion, but more on that later. 

Amidst the sea of big names and highly skilled players — think Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Sean Winter, and many others — an unexpected hero emerged as the victor. Like a poker-playing phoenix rising from the ashes of obscurity, Martin Zamani crashed the party in style, clinching victory not once, not twice, not even thrice! He cashed in a grand total of four times, earning the series championship together with the coveted Golden Eagle trophy. Not bad for a newbie on the block. 

He more than proved his mettle, stacking chips and flipping cards like a seasoned pro. And just when you thought his triumph couldn’t get any sweeter, he walked away with a cool $50,000 bonus prize for his trouble. His win wasn't just a stroke of luck; it was a testament to the unpredictable nature of poker. It goes to show that in this game, it's not all about big names and bold personalities; it's about how you play the cards you're dealt. Skill and strategy will always reign supreme, trumping fame and reputation every time.

A Title Match that Came Down to the Wire 

As the 2023 championship title teetered on the edge of uncertainty, five players, each a formidable contender, battled it out for the ultimate prize. Heading into the final table for event ten, Ren Lin held a commanding lead with 465 points on the US Poker Open leaderboard. However, his dreams of victory were dashed as he was eliminated before reaching the final table. Meanwhile, his four closest rivals on the leaderboard, Dan Smith (353 points), Chris Brewer (305), Zamani (170), and Jeremy Ausmus (150) all secured seats on the final table. With a whopping 400 points up for grabs to the event winner, the stakes couldn't have been higher. 

It was a nail-biting finish, with the outcome hanging in the balance right up until the very last hand was dealt. Lin, the sole contender not involved in the final event, could have clinched the championship if luck had been on his side. The final table transformed into a fierce battleground, with each player meticulously strategizing to secure their victory. The intensity was palpable, and the thrill of the game was undeniable.

If either Smith or Brewer had emerged victorious, they would have taken the US Poker Open championship outright. On the other hand, Zamani and Ausmus both needed to win to have any hope of surpassing Lin on the leaderboard. For Smith and Brewer to secure the title, they had to finish third or lower. It didn't matter though; in a twist of fate, Zamani stepped up and delivered a poker masterclass that left everyone else in awe, snatching the title with the finesse and precision of a skilled matador. 

Martin Zamani USPOImage courtesy of PokerGO

The Last Hand 

With Zamani dominating the chip count at 4,815,000 chips (120 big blinds) against Nick Pietrangelo’s 2,585,000 (64 big blinds), the atmosphere crackled with tension. A mere second-place finish would hand Ren Lin the championship. 

In a thrilling climax, Zamani made his move. With a king of clubs and a 6 of hearts in his hand, he went all in. Petrangelo, his opponent, held a queen of spades and a ten of hearts. The flop revealed a king of diamonds, a 10 of diamonds, and a 3 of clubs, giving them both a pair and Zamani the lead. The turn, a 4 of diamonds, offered no help to either player. Then, with a jack on the river, Zamani sealed the deal, sending Petrangelo packing and Zamani crowning himself the champion. It was a thrilling finale, capturing the heart-pounding excitement of high-stakes poker. 

US Poker Open 2023 Winners

It was a tough field of 755 players in 2023, all competing for more than $11 million in prizes across the events. In the end, some new and old faces made their way to the top, achieving everlasting glory.

Event #1: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 105 $1,050,000 Joey Weissman $231,000
Event #2: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 105 $1,050,000 Ren Lin $231,000
Event #3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 93 $930,000 Sam Soverel $213,900
Event #4: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 77 $770,000 Allan Le $200,200
Event #5: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 88 $880,000 Phil Hellmuth $221,200
Event #6: $15,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 62 $930,000 Isaac Kempton $279,000
Event #7: $ $15,000 No-Limit Hold'em 87 $1,305,000 Darren Elias $313,200
Event #8: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em 54 $1,350,000 Isaac Haxton $423,000
Event #9: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em 47 $1,175,000 Dan Smith $399,500
Event #10: $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em 37 $1,850,000 Martin Zamani $666,000

US Poker Open 2023 Final Leaderboard

1 Martin Zamani 570
2 Ren Lin 465
3 Sam Soverel 457
4 Joey Weissman 442
5 Darren Elias 429
6 Dan Smith 399
7 Isaac Kempton 361
8 Chris Brewer 344
9 Jeremy Ausmus 328
10 Nacho Barbero 303

What Does the 2024 US Poker Open Have for Us?

As we eagerly await the 2024 tournament, the question on everyone's mind is: who will emerge victorious and claim the prestigious US Poker Open Championship and Golden Eagle trophy? The stage is set for a thrilling showdown, with familiar faces like Sean Winter, Stephen Chidwick, and the reigning 2023 champion Martin Zamani likely to make a comeback to defend his title. Brace yourselves because the next US Poker Open is just around the corner, and likely to be another chapter for the history books.

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