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Players' Lounge — John “mikeasaurus” K.

A person holding a trophy with a skull design, surrounded by collectibles and memorabilia, in a room illuminated by red lighting

Published: December 24, 2021
Written by Global Poker

1. Where Do You Live?

I've lived in Wichita, KS since 2011. I'm originally from Birmingham, AL.

2. Who’s Your Sports Team?

Alabama Crimson Tide! I'm old enough to have endured some really awful seasons, so the last dozen years of sustained success have been very fun for me.

3. How Long Have You Been Playing Poker and What’s Your Earliest or Fondest Poker Memory?

I've been playing all kinds of card games pretty much my entire life. I really got into poker in 2004 & I absolutely love NLHE. Honestly, my fondest memory was, and will forever be, when a fellow GP player, Greg [AngryMucker], reached out to me after my Dad passed & dedicated his play to him. The very next night, Greg won a Goat trophy & had it sent to me in honor of my father's memory. GP was so incredible about the whole situation that they sent Greg his trophy, as well as one for my Dad. This act of kindness from all of those involved, people I've never met in person, truly holds a special place in my heart and means more to me than anything I could ever win. It showed me that GP sincerely cares about their community of players.

4. How Long Have You Been Playing on Global Poker?

Since September 2017.

5. How Did You Hear About Global Poker?

An ad showed up on my FB news feed. I tried it out, loved it, and have played there ever since.

6. What’s Your Biggest Win, Either on Global Poker, or in Live Play?

I mostly play low stakes MTTs, so my biggest single win was ~SC1100. I firmly believe the best is yet to come for me, as I continue to grow & learn more about the game.

7. Tell Us About Your Worst Poker Moment.

Is there such a thing?

8. What’s Your Worst Bad Beat Story?

My most recent one. The sting wears off & the others are forgotten whenever I catch a new bad beat.

9. When You’re Not Playing Poker, What’s Your Passion?

I love watching & discussing movies. I keep a list of every movie I see & I average ~200 per year.

10. If You Could Rename a GP Tournament, Which Tournament Would it Be, What Would You Call it and Why?

The Hunter or Predator and I would rename it after a dinosaur, like maybe The Megalosaurus - the first dinosaur to be described scientifically. I've loved dinos my entire life, if you couldn't tell from my GP name.

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