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5 Quick Tips: How to Play Video Poker

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Published: June 20, 2024
Written by Global Poker

If you’re looking to take your video poker game to the next level, well, you can look no further. We’ve got all the goss on the five hot tips you’ll need to ace your game.

Popular casino game, video poker, is a virtual card game based on the poker variant five card draw. Unlike standard poker though, video poker is a one player game and doesn't require bluffing, reading other players or any funky strategies to win. The only opponent you need to beat is the computer, which can be achieved by creating the best five-card hand on the virtual reels.

All wins are based on the monetary value assigned to each poker hand. While the game doesn't require any sneaky gameplay tricks or clever mind games, you can still use several strategies and tips to increase those odds of success. Check out our five quick tips to help you learn to play video poker if you’re a rookie, or up your existing game if you need a helping, er,  hand….

1.    Aim For a Pair

Be patient. Try to make a low paying hand frequently rather than making a high paying hand rarely. A pair is generally the minimum paying hand for video poker. The wins aren't usually more than a few coins, but a pair comes out relatively often and only winning a few coins is better than losing a lot. You won't be able to give up the day job after playing a pair, but it’s a pretty good gateway to better and more profitable hands such as three of a kind, a full house, and four of a kind.

2.   Stop and Think

With no other players rushing you along, you should have more than enough time to think and focus on making the best possible decision in each situation. The more time you spend thinking about your next move, the better your chances of success. Slots heavily emphasize quantity over quality: you need to play lots of spins to win, but video poker is the exact opposite: you should be aiming to play a few hands well rather than trying to play ten thousand hands in a short space of time.

3.   Look At the Different Game Types

Video poker has many game types with unique pay tables, house edge and rules. Before you start playing, it's well worth looking at all the different game options. Some forms of video poker will have a minimum hand rank that needs to be achieved to get a win. Others offer the highest return percentage only if the maximum number of credits is played, or if you win with a specific hand.
Video poker has one of the lowest house edge percentages available, usually starting at about 3 per cent, but it can go much lower; finding the game type with the lowest house edge can help increase your odds of success. Some video poker variants are also easier to learn because they have no wildcards or extra rules. It all depends on how you want to play the game and what you think will help increase your odds of success. So consider all the different video poker game types and what they offer before you start playing.

4.   Check Out the Offers

Some casinos offer game-specific bonuses, such as extra coins to play with when you make a certain number of spins. Check the casino's promotions page and social channels; you never know what you’ll find. With bonuses like extra credits for first time players and additional coins for your first purchase, it can be worth your while to do your research.

5.     Keep it Simple

It’s certainly no secret that gaming can be seriously fun. The internet has a treasure trove of strategy guides and charts out there, to help you win any form of poker, but many of them are not worth the time or effort to bother with. If you are a professional gamer looking to increase your profits, go for it, do all the research you like! But, if you're a casual player looking to play a few games after work, save yourself the headache and aim to have fun rather than spending hours studying charts and reading strategy guides.

In the world of video poker, achieving a winning hand, such as a royal flush or a straight flush, can be exhilarating. And for those seeking a thrill, video poker offers plenty of opportunities to win big, especially with progressive jackpots available in some variations like Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker. 

So, whether you're in Las Vegas or playing online, mastering the ins and outs of this classic casino game can lead to exciting experiences and potentially lucrative outcomes. Don't forget to keep an eye on the pay table to understand the potential payouts for each poker hand, from a pair of jacks to a full house or even a royal flush. And with variants like Deuces Wild adding extra excitement with wildcards, there's always something new to explore in the world of video poker.

Video Poker FAQs

How do I play video poker?
In a nutshell, video poker is a virtual card game based on the poker variant five card draw. Players place a bet, are dealt five cards, and then decide which cards to keep and which to discard, aiming to create the best possible poker hand.

How do you win at video poker?
While video poker combines elements of both skill and luck, there are strategies that players can employ to improve their chances of winning. For example, players can aim to make frequent low-paying hands, such as pairs, rather than waiting for rare high-paying hands.

What is video poker?
Video poker is a casino game where players attempt to create the best five-card poker hand possible. Unlike traditional poker games played against other players, video poker is a one-player game played against a computerized system.

What are the different types of video poker?
Video poker comes in various forms, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, and more. Each variant has its own set of rules, payout structure, and strategies.

Is video poker a game of skill or luck?
Video poker combines elements of both skill and luck. While luck determines the initial hand dealt, players can use skill to decide which cards to keep and discard, influencing their chances of winning.

How do progressive jackpots work in video poker?
In some video poker games, progressive jackpots are offered. These jackpots grow over time as a small portion of each player's bet contributes to the jackpot. The jackpot continues to accumulate until a player hits the jackpot hand.

Is video poker available online?
Yes, many online casinos offer video poker games that can be played for real money or for free. Players can enjoy a wide variety of video poker variants from the comfort of their own home, with options ranging from traditional games to modern variations like Double Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild.